The 451 origin story – now in podcast form

I’ve told the origin story of 451 Research before here and it’s become one of the most-read posts on this blog.

Now you can listen to the story, as well as I read my interpretation of it in a new podcast from S&P Global called Next in Tech.

The first two episodes are short conversations between co-founder William Fellows and myself talking with 451 principal analyst Eric Hanselman. William and I are two of the four that started the company – Simon Carruthers and John Abbott being the other two.

We tell some of the stories of what we had to deal with back in late 1999 and 2000 during the dot com boom & bust, including issues with our original investors, grappling with hiring and technology issues, and generally scrapping to get noticed.

We got there eventually of course, but it was not all smooth sailing, as startups rarely are.

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