Unstructured data redux

I've always been intrigued by the problem and opportunities around unstructured data. Why? Because computers weren't originally designed to handle it and yet it is the way we human beings communicate. We don't communicate in structured data that fits into rows and columns of a relational database. We communicate in words, but also increasingly in… Continue reading Unstructured data redux

The paradox of enterprise search

We live in a world in which business decisions are increasingly driven by data. And that data isn't just the structured variety stored in a relational database and accessed via BI tools. The majority of data is unstructured and can be hard to find. This is where enterprise search comes in. The market for enterprise… Continue reading The paradox of enterprise search

What’s driving machine learning, and where is it taking us?

Of all the places to try out machine learning, the legal market would probably not be the logical choice, given its reputation as a laggard in technology adoption. But about five years ago, machine learning was given a go – in the form of something called predictive coding in a certain area of legal software… Continue reading What’s driving machine learning, and where is it taking us?