Autumn 2019 speaking gig themes

I’m always grateful when people ask me to speak at their events – it’s a privilege never to be taken for granted that people are willing to spend their valuable time listening to what I have to say. But I thought it might be useful for some to know the themes of my talks through the end of the year. Please excuse the indulgence.

My talks are informed by the conversations we have with enterprise practitioners, vendors, investors and of course, the Voice of the Enterprise AI & Machine Learning survey data that we generate twice a year, covering use cases for AI/machine learning and the infrastructure that supports it, respectively. If you want to know more about those survey-based reports, get in touch with me or complete the form here.

On to the speaking.

I recently did a webinar in conjunction with our partners at AI World that you can hear again here. The theme was The Why & How of Enterprise AI . Saying it the other way around would’ve rhymed and been snappier but in AI – as in any enterprise technology – they ‘why’ needs to be worked out before you go about implementing anything.  Also with AI World I’ll be running a panel in the plenary session on October 23 in the morning on Enterprise AI Innovations. The show itself spans October 23-25 in Boston.

I’ll be addressing a similar theme at Commvault Go in Denver on October 15 where I’m looking forward to learning from those focused on back-up and recovery, data protection, data governance and the like.

Two days later – and dovetailing nicely with the Commvault show – I’m speaking at a 451 Research client event in Austin, TX on October 17 called ‘Realizing the intelligent, data-driven enterprise’ where my title is AI-Infrastructure – are you ready? I’ll be focusing on the infrastructure challenges, rather than the use cases and will be joined by four of my colleagues: Simon Robinson, Henry Baltazar, Jim Curtis and Christian Renaud who will be tackling other aspects of the theme, including storage, data management, and IoT. If you’re a 451 client and interested in attending, you can register your interest or contact your account rep.

Then in a bit of a change of tack, I’m speaking at OpenText Enfuse in Las Vegas on November 12, a security and forensics-focused conference. At Enfuse I’ll be looking at the role of AI, machine learning and analytics in security in a talk called How AI, ML & Analytics are Changing Security Visibility, Detection and Response.  I am not a security expert, but I know a bit about AI, analytics and some bits about forensics from my time in e-Discovery and I hope that the audience and I can learn from each other. Which, when these things go well is always the best outcome from public speaking – a two-way conversation.

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