At 451 Research, we’ve got AI & machine learning covered (part 2)

In May last year I pointed out the huge breadth and depth of research coverage of machine learning we have here at 451 Research. It’s time to update that, using the ‘further reading’ list from our recently-published annual report, The Current and Future State of AI and Machine Learning 2019.

I started covering machine learning in earnest at 451 Research way back in 2001, focusing initially on machine learning-driven text analytics used for national security applications. We’ve broadened out a bit from there, as you can see below.

This gives you a flavor of our coverage, but what this doesn’t show is the thousands of reports we publish each year on individual vendors, which are too numerous to list here but suffice to say we cover all the major vendors and all the potentially disruptive ones too. It’s what we do. Most of these are for clients only, but you can see summaries of all of them.


Top four AI/ML use cases for service providers (July 2019)

The intersection of artificial intelligence and manufacturing: industrial AI (July 2019)

M&A and funding in the robotic process automation market (July 2019)

Brave new world, Part 2: Defensible enterprise strategy for the use of AI and automation  (May  2019)

Brave new world, Part 1: Modern regulatory effects on AI and automation  (April 2019)

Artificial intelligence could have a bigger impact than 5G in telco sector through 2025 (March 2019)

New 451 Research survey reveals challenges around measuring AI performance (March 2019)

New 451 survey reveals the top AI and machine learning adoption strategies of enterprises (February 2019)

New 451 survey sheds light on top use cases for AI and machine learning in key industries (February 2019)

Voice of the Enterprise: AI & Machine Learning, Adoption and Use Cases – Advisory Report (January 2019)

Voice of the Enterprise: Data & Analytics, 2H 2018 – Advisory Report (November 2018)

Reining in the power of AI from human, not artificial, intelligence (October 2018)

Skills gap is the biggest barrier to enterprise adoption of AI and machine learning (September 2018)

The ever-growing intersection of IoT, AI and blockchain (September 2018)

AI and ML in healthcare, Part 1: Adoption portends a new way of working for clinicians (August 2018)

AI and ML in healthcare, Part 2: The prescription for clinicians will change the future (August


Voice of the Enterprise: AI & Machine Learning, Adoption, Drivers and Stakeholders – Advisory Report (July 2018)

The streets of machine learning are paved with gold, but you need a map to get there (January 2018)

AI World conference: Tackling the AI knowledge gap (January 2018)

At AI World, plenty of real-world use cases for AI and machine learning (January 2018)

Data Platforms and Analytics

Will the real augmented analytics please stand up? (March 2019)

When it comes to being data-driven, do age and size matter? (March 2019)

The critical considerations for data science (February 2019)

Architectural data control: Turning privacy requirements into a blessing, not a curse (January 2019)

Data science user personas and use cases (January 2019)

Data science: What is it, and why now? (January 2019)

Graph that, Part 3: AI and graph – perfect match or odd couple? (January 2019)

Separatist movement: the continuing abstraction of compute and storage for data analytics (December 2018(

451 Research survey reveals 10 essential habits of data-driven enterprises (November 2018)

The rise of the data science management platform for machine learning and AI (October 2018)

Data Platforms Market Map 2018 (October 2018)

Automated analytics: the role of the machine in corporate decision-making (August 2018)

DataOps: a passing buzzword, or the engine of the data-driven enterprise? (August 2018)

Machine learning: There’s a database for that (August 2018)

Data science: a new M&A frontier with plenty of activity and potential (July 2018)

Charting the rise of the enterprise knowledge graph (July 2018)

Data Management and Analytics Market Map 2018 (May 2018)

AI for BI: A potentially harmonious marriage, but not yet problem-free (April 2018)

How to be data-driven: a guide to the importance of cultural and organizational change (January 2018)

Customer Experience & Commerce

Retailers check out machine learning (May 2019)

The California Consumer Privacy Act: not just ‘America’s GDPR’ (March 2019)

Retailers stock up on the benefits of machine learning (September 2018)

Journey management software provides insight into customer behavior (September 2018)

Forecast: Global B2C digital commerce to top $5.8 trillion by 2022 (September 2018)

How online retailer Ocado uses AI and machine learning to drive and protect its business (March 2018)

Workforce Productivity and Collaboration

Why the RPA market is so hot, and where it’s headed (May 2019)

How UI and UX design can bridge the gap to an AI future in content management (April 2019)

How IoT and smart buildings will drive employee engagement and workforce productivity (April 2019)

AI and voice-enabled applications will change how we work in 2019 (January 2019)

The AI companies disrupting hiring, admin and retention in human resources (January 2019)

The Emerging Era of Smart Content: The Infusion of Intelligence Across the Content Lifecycle (December 2018)

Here come the robots: creating the new model workforce (October 2018)

Process mining technology matures as key enabler to digital automation, RPA (August 2018)

The Future of Productivity Software (August 2018)


Opportunity at the Intersection of AI and IoT (March 2019)

HIMSS19: Healthcare looks to APIs, IoT and AI to upend barriers to better health (March 2019)

Navigating the Autonomous Vehicle Market (January 2019)

Autonomy-level classification for robots in an IIoT world (January 2019)

The Medical Internet of Things: Benefits to Patients, Providers and Payers (January 2019)

Consumers cautiously optimistic about their self-driving futures (December 2018)

Exploring Industrial Internet of Things Adoption Rates and Maturity Across Industry Types (July 2018)

The economics of IoT: unraveling price complexities with machine learning (May 2018)

Digital twins play well in the growing family of IoT terminology (January 2018)

Applied Infrastructure and DevOps

In monitoring, it’s about bringing together all the data (March 2019)

The New Accelerators: How the Performance and Efficiency of the Datacenter Is Transforming for New Workloads (February 2019)

Machine learning becomes the latest battleground in storage (December 2018)

Machine learning becomes the latest battleground in storage (December 2018)

Process Automation, Bots & Mining: Essential Technologies for Digital Business – and Their Fate (November 2018)

Monitoring vendors consider mining for intelligence across their customer bases (November 2018)

Data growth and the management challenge ramp up, but so does object storage adoption (August 2018)

More work on the way for infrastructure teams, but AI and ML give a helping hand (August 2018)

Information Security

Analytics is making its security operations mark ahead of schedule (April 2019)

2019 Trends in Information Security (December 2018)

Security automation and orchestration brings sanity to incident response chaos (May 2018)

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