At 451, we’ve got AI & machine learning covered

I started covering machine learning in earnest at 451 Research way back in 2001, focusing initially on machine learning-driven text analytics used for national security applications.

Most of the companies I covered back then are gone via acquisition or expiration, but there are now orders of magnitude more to cover. I cannot list all the companies my colleagues and I cover here, but what I can do is give you a flavor of our coverage by showing you a list of just a selection of our reports that are focused all or in part on AI & machine learning. Most of these are for clients only, but you can see summaries of all of them.

Some are long format Technology & Business Insight reports, some are part of our daily-updated Market Insight service.

The main one is the Current and Future State of AI and Machine Learning that we published in March. But here some others….


4Sight: As intelligence becomes pervasive, data becomes the ultimate asset (March 2018)

Compute prices stabilize as competition shifts to machine-learning resources (March 2018)

How online retailer Ocado uses AI and machine learning to drive and protect its business (March 2018)

The streets of machine learning are paved with gold, but you need a map to get there (January 2018)

AI World conference: Tackling the AI knowledge gap (January 2018)

At AI World, plenty of real-world use cases for AI and machine learning (January 2018)

The huge promise of unsupervised machine learning in AI (December 2017)

AI, machine learning and the strategies of major software vendors (August 2017)

Three key takeaways for the enterprise from Google I/O 2017 (June 2017)

Robotic process automation: How it works, how it’s used and the vendors doing it (April 2017)

Rise of the machines, Part 1: Has the labor market benefited from technology? (Jan 2017)

Rise of the machines, Part 2: AI and the labor market (Jan 2017)

Machine-learning-based analysis and objectivity: an uneasy pairing (Jan 2017)

Machine learning: past, present and yet to come (Dec 2016)

Data Platforms and Analytics

AI for BI: A potentially harmonious marriage, but not yet problem-free (April 2018)

Total Data market projected to reach $146bn by 2022 (March 2018)

Analytics in the age of the algorithm: Beware the machine-learning ‘black box’ (March 2018)

How to be data-driven: a guide to the importance of cultural and organizational change (January 2018)

2018 Trends in Data Platforms & Analytics (November 2017)

Total Data: Platforms & Analytics (November 2017)

Machine-assisted corporate performance management: great potential and poised for takeoff (October 2017)

Mapping the artificial intelligence-based analytics landscape (September 2017)

Data Management and Analytics Market Map 2017 (August 2017)

In the land of the data giants, the big look set to get bigger (June 2017)

Machine-learning analytics: an M&A bonanza, with more to come (June 2017)

451 Research predicts Total Data market to reach $138.5bn by 2021 (May 2017)

Big data, machine learning shape performance-monitoring developments (February 2017)

Information security

Machine Learning Signals a New Analytics Era in Security (December 2017)

2018 Trends in Information Security (December 2017)

Customer Experience & Commerce

AI brings the dawn of the new customer intelligence platforms (March 2018)

Vendors look to AI for next-generation communications and collaboration (December 2017)

Money20/20 preview: five payments trends to watch for (October 2017)

Dawn of a new era: Why systems of engagement require systems of intelligence (June 2017)


Crossing the intersection of connected cars and commerce (March 2018)

Digital twins play well in the growing family of IoT terminology (January 2018)

Connected Health Conference 2017: patients, providers and clinical adoption (November 2017)

SAE event highlights the shift of advanced driver-assistance systems to automation (October 2017)

The Changing Automotive Industry: Smarter, More Connected and Increasingly Autonomous (April 2017)

The rise of the data-driven application for business intelligence (Mar 2017)

Big data, machine learning shape performance-monitoring developments (Feb 2017)

The three keys to service provider growth: automate, automate, automate (Feb 2017)


Silicon revolution: New accelerators to power AI and machine learning – Part 1 (Feb 2018)

Silicon revolution: New accelerators to power AI and machine learning – Part 2 (Feb 2018)

Google details the what, why and how of its Tensor Processing Unit for machine learning (May 2017)

Data centers & critical infrastructure

Which technologies will disrupt the datacenter? (February 2018)


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