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In addition to the blog posts on this site, while at Recommind I wrote numerous blog posts on legal IT, discovery and the potential for analytics in the healthcare sector. Here are a few:

I’ve written articles for numerous publications, here’s a sample:

I’ve been quoted in quite a few too, here are some examples:

Analyst Research

I wrote more than a thousand reports while I was an analyst at 451 Research (aka The 451 Group) the first time round (I’m back there now and so will be adding to that total). The majority were focused on technology vendors and their immediate competitors, But I also wrote predictive M&A reports, investment studies and end user-focused reports and case studies.  Some of the more significant reports I wrote include some the earliest market major studies on various markets, including:


[column span=”4″] [title name=”Unstructured Data Management, Oct 2002″]UDM report coverThe first major study into the power and potential in the analysis of unstructured data. The sub-title (‘the elephant in the corner’) alluded to the lack of attention being paid at the time to the fastest growing data type and looked at opportunities if it were to be effectively harnessed and analyzed[/column]
[column span=”4″] [title name=”Text-Aware Applications, July 2005″]Almost three years down the line, this report honed in on specific opportunities for applications built on top of text analysis technology. These included customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), government intelligence, legal compliance and fraud detection[/column]
[column span=”4″] [title name=”e-Discovery & e-Disclosure, Aug 2011″]The legal industry – and the eDiscovery portion of that – emerged as one of the principal growth markets for the analysis of unstructured data. I produced annual reports on the markets, analyzing the main vendors, the customer pain points and the opportunities for investment and M&A.[/column]

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