IBM Watson adds more visual clues to analyze as it grows its user base

IBM recently provided an update on its progress with Watson Analytics – a combination of guided analytic discovery and visualization plus predictive analytics all wrapped up in a freemium pricing model. Customers of 451 Research can read my report here, but here’s a couple of snippets:

IBM is operating in a very crowded analytics market with a lot of smaller (and some very large) vendors jostling for the opportunities to enable business users to analyze more or less any type of data they want. The company says its user base is hitting all the targets, and it has added more visualization tools and additional data sources to make uncovering the underlying story in data easier.

IBM has been using a freemium model for Watson since its launch in December 2014, and reports a 14.5% conversion rate year-to-date, which is up 5.8% since May when it last released figures. It had just north of 104,000 registered users (as of mid-August), with a rise of 42,454 in the period between May 4 and August 16.

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